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Spanish Cuck & Bull!!!!

Whilst we all know that a spanish bull fight is no longer PC the idea the idea of a bull (single male) fucking a hotwife (wife) IS!! Cuckold sex, although most will refer to it as cuckold husbands, is very similar to a bull fight, mainly because the husband is held and made to watch as his hotwife takes the bull.

It's odd that something so British as husbands being made to watch males fuck their wives could be referred to so closely as a bull fight but the analogy does work extremely well when you consider that the BULL is the one doing the fucking and the cuck having to watch his hotwife. After all the whole bullfight event is a voyeuristic act albeit certainly for me a distasteful one, but the idea of watching a male fuck my wife is a completely enjoyable experience!

Mind you the one fundamental difference is a Spanish bullfight is viewed by many where in theory, not unless you've got some webcam linked up, cuckold sex is just between you (the cuckold husband) your British or Spanish hotwife and a BULL. For many couples that enjoy cuckolding it's the British wife who does the choosing about who she has sex with, although I'm sure that whilst many couples do play at cuckold sex it is more a partnership arrangement, at least that's until the bull gets there and if the hotwife really wants to play the hotwife game the husbands can be humiliated during sex.

Finding Cuckold contacts in Spain - British couples

Looking for Cuckolding contacts? These can be searched and found very easily within our expats & British couples swinging in spain site, and indeed should you wish to get a collection of names ready and chat online taking your time before meeting, as it's important that EVERYONE knows you're looking for cuckold sex contacts, after all you don't want some guy running out of your villa when he see's the cuckold sitting in the corner of the room watching the events, or in some cases husbands will even ask to video the bulls fucking their hotwife, so information & communication is the key.

So what are the basic guidelines?

  • Make sure in your Spanish Swingers ad you say this is for cuckoldry
    - maybe even spell it out telling them that your husband will be watching!
  • Experienced Spanish or British Bulls
    - you know as daft as it seems not everyone can perform with a husband watching, so make sure your BULL can
  • Safe Sex or Bareback
    - what do you want? Some bulls don't like condoms, others won't consider any other type of cuckold sex
  • Videos, Videos come and get it!!
    - if you are going to video your British wife getting fucked keep it private
  • Free cuckold blogging
    - yep, tell others about it, we offer all our British swingers living in Spain free access to blog and chat about their cuckolding experiences, after all reading is power!

If you want to find cuckold contacts you're a step closer to finding British couples living in Spain that enjoy cuckoldry, the next is just a case of clicking the link below and either choosing the free membership with limited access or paying for premium membership.

The photos posted on this page are from British couples living in Spain but are random images and do not match to the ads, they are just there to give you some idea what's inside the members pages, BUT they are photos of real swingers contacts.


Expat Cuckold Swingers

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married couple recently moved to Malaga looking for horny bulls / men to fuck my sexy wife. I will want to watch and video so no camera she guys please. She is 45, very sexy and loves anal & oral
Malaga / Spain
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mature couple looking for either single males or couples for cuckold fun. We've been living in spain for sometime and after trying some of the clubs thought we'd try a expats contacts site. So if your up for some fun with my wife while I watch then contacts us
Murcia / Spain
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Single horny bull looking for cuckold couples / husbands around Alicante. I'm 34 slim & clean shaven and as I've been living here for 5 years a great tan LOL. also have a GSOH and love a drink or three and having fun so drop me a line and lets party in Alicante
Alacante / Spain
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