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advice for new swingers in the Spain!

First let me welcome you to one of the biggest group of Spain swingers and no matter where you live within Spain you can be sure of finding local contacts to you, pr even if your just heading this way for a holiday we can help you meet with local contacts .......but before you consider the swinging scene you need to consider the lifestyle and whether this really is for YOU ......

Note - Regarding single male swingers, you have to consider is that the Spanish swingers scene is primarily for couples, if your a single male you will have to be prepared to work that much harder and single females will have to except the amount of attention they will get from both males & couples wanting to meet.....

As for couples, well you have a massive choice of contacts and types of members but you do need to make sure this "IS" for you and being a couple that means you both ....A lot of couples enjoy Swinging in Spain manly due to the lifestyle offered and the fun of meeting both expats and Spanish nationals that are swingers......

For many couples they join us to realise sexual fantasies about meeting with others for some fun and needless to say great sex. As a swinger living in Costa Blanca its great seeing new members join locally but on the flip side you also want to make sure you avoid some of the pitfalls and there are some things you should address before even joining a site .....hence the reason for adding this " Advice for new swingers page" .

Knowing and understand just how far you want to swing

This is something you need to talk about really below you start working on your profile and what I would recommend is that you join up then spend sometime looking around profiles and get a feel for the members and types of Spain swingers meets on offer ...but above all make sure before you go to meet your first contact that you know your boundaries, after all its not a discussion you went around another couple

Remember why your swinging .........its SEX not LOVE

its not a daft statement, people swing because they enjoy having sex with others that are similar, some prefer one off meets, others like to build friendships up, but what everyone doesn't do is fall in love !!! this is about sex nothing else and its a sure way to break a couple / friendship up if you don't expect its SEX ......nothing else

Images used are members although edited to protect identities


advice for new swingers

Getting your profile RIGHT ...its your swingers ad make sure it tells people about you ...more swingers advice

Whilst we can offer all the features to meet up with couples around Spain, if you don't get your profile right it doesn't matter how many people look at your advert

Considerations are

  • user name - pick one thats easy to remember, last thing you want is when someone's in the chatroom, forum or just looking around at profiles that they see some hard to remember username
  • description - its the first thing people see when they look at the search so make sure your add stands out such as " couple from Javea looking to meet single males" . Tells people just what your after
  • text profile - tell people about yourself, your likes, dislikes and what your after. It doesn't have to be huge but just make sure it tells members enough to make them contact you
  • photos..if you want to get members contacting you photos are a needed. it doesn't have to show your face but something is better than nothing

By following these basic tips you'll soon get members contacting you



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